Success Stories


“I’ve come to realize what a big role you’re playing in the success of advancing/growing my business.  As you suggest things, they seem to be appearing!  

Please keep offering new insights, suggestions and observations...they’re SO helpful!”  
Bonney Fiorito, President | About the Journey





“After working with Renée for only 4 months, I achieved more than what I had achieved in the previous 2 years working on my own!”

Vered Ehsani | Founder and CEO | Crazy to Calm



"I approached Renee because I was starting a new business and didn’t feel worthy of the opportunities I was given, or know how to make my business plan in a way I could own it and act according to what is written on it.  Renee helped me by asking questions that helped me digest the business plan in a way that today, I own it and understand where my company is going.

Renee also helped me to boost my self confidence as an entrepreneur and understand better this amazing journey.  She gave me efficient tools to deal with my stress on a day by day basis.   Thanks to Renee, I was able to move the business in the right direction, and today I feel confident in expanding my business.

One thing I liked most was her way of approaching things; she doesn’t directly give you the answers, but makes you understand you already have them - she helps you find them.  I found the experience was and still is like fresh air for my brain.

I would recommend Renee as a business coach for people staring a new journey who are in need of a set of tools to handle their business with elegance, efficiency and professionalism." Margarita Teller Kertes | Managing Director | Marglil Limited

"Prior to working with Renee I was struggling with managing staff, dealing with finances and collecting over due payments from clients.  It negatively impacted my work life balance as I had to work even harder and make some really uncomfortable decisions.

Renee helped me get out of my comfort zone so I could start making those tough choices by offering unbiased opinions and getting me to see other options.  As a result, I’m better able to manage staff and financial issues as well as attract and retain long-term clients.  My business strategies are working and I have received plenty of client recommendations. 

I find Renee to be incredibly confidential, supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable and experienced. She is a listener and has the ability to make you recognize your own potential. She willingly follows up to ensure results.  Renee is very kind, has a great sense of humour and some of the phrases she used will stay with me forever." 
Susan | Small business owner

"Before working with Renée, I wanted to do everything at once and I didn't know what to focus on or how to structure my courses best. Sometimes I had self-doubts about what I offered in my business. And I was getting frustrated when I wasn't getting enough clients. 

Renée held my hand, walked me through the process and was someone I could share both the positive and negative experiences of building a business.  With her help I was able to get more clients, have better structures and overcome my self-doubt!" 
Yvette | Entrepreneur

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