From Crisis Comes Opportunity


At times of crisis, problems present themselves to us.

We can choose to be miserable or find a way to solve the problem.
Perhaps we can even turn that solution into a business to help others.

If we had the problem we can be rest-assured others are looking for solutions too!
Find out how Lynn Lambrecht of The Living Planner started her business to solve a problem.

Lynn helps you “navigate all the moving parts of life” through The Living Planner and I am currently going through the process to help with my mom’s estate planning as well as my own. 

Lynn has really made this process so much easier to face. 

The Planner assists you in navigating what can be an emotional journey through a well thought out and methodical process so you and your family can understand what needs to be done now.  While it comes from a US legal perspective, it still provides lots of great information to consider, no matter what legal jurisdiction you are dealing with.

 Please note I’m promoting Lynn because I fully believe in her product and promotion is part of my mission at The LEAP Network – LEAP stands for Lead, Empower, Aspire and Promote!  I have no financial interest in this promotion!