BLOG_2020_02_20 The Rebel Within

The Rebel Within

20 FEBRUARY 2020

If you’re a human then you have at least one voice in your head that chimes in on everything you do or want to do.

Sometimes the voices are enjoyable…

“Oh yay! Chocolate!”
“I feel so GOOD right now."
“That’s a great song!”

And other times, not so much…

“I look so fat & ugly in this shirt.”
“I can’t do anything right. I should just give up.”
“Nobody wants to hear anything I have to say.”

The negative self-talk that plagues the minds of every person on the planet can be painful, and downright crippling. It can (and will) drive us crazy and rob us of our dreams if we let it, which is exactly what makes it so dangerous.

Left unchecked, this voice will throw a wrench in every endeavor we’ll ever pursue. It will try to sabotage our relationships, ruin our opportunities, and leave us miserable, wrecked and wondering what could have been.

This is why we must learn to manage the inner critic that sabotages us.

Do you have hopes and dreams that are bigger than the life you’re currently living? And yet something seems to be blocking your way.

And the bigger your dreams are, the more boldly your resistance manifests. Wouldn’t you like to figure out how to stop that annoying pattern and make your dreams a little easier to accomplish?

The first step is identifying the voice of your own little naysayer rebel…

  • Maybe yours sounds like a high school principal and tells you you’ll never amount to anything.
  • Or perhaps it sounds like an over-protective mother, or caring spouse telling you that you’re going to get hurt or embarrassed if you try something new.

By identifying the unique voice of your saboteur you can spot it when it starts to speak. And then you can thank it for trying to protect you and go on to inform it that you don’t need its protection anymore. 

The second step is dealing with it.

  • This is where things get fun!

If you want to discover the next step, I have some exercises for you to help you deal with that rebel!

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