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TOP 10 Myths About Owning Your Own Business

18 JULY 2019

Owning a business can be great, as long as you go in with your eyes open.

Here are some common misconceptions:

MYTH #1 I’ll be my own boss.

  • Your customers become your boss, and can hire and fire you like any corporate superior. That’s why customer service is so critical from the very first customer.

MYTH #2 I’ll have more free time.

  • You’ll likely work more hours until your business is ready to thrive without you.  But once that happens, you can delegate and create your own schedule.

MYTH #3 It’s just me…

  • I don’t need a business plan. Every business needs one. Without it, you’ll just drift like a leaf in the wind.  If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there!

MYTH #4 I can do it all myself.

  • This is the quickest route to burnout and business implosion. Build a team and hire a coach – get help.  No great business was built by one person all alone.

MYTH #5 If I do good work, I’ll be successful.

  • True only if people know about it! Marketing will determine whether your business sinks or swims.

MYTH #6 I’ll make more money.

  • This is not a given. You may gross more, but you’ve also got to cover more expenses and often put in a lot more time, particularly in the beginning before you hire a team.

MYTH #7 I’ll have more control over things.

  • Perhaps. But between client needs and economic trends, you may not have as much control as you thought.  Have a “Plan B”.

MYTH #8 Bigger is always better.

  • An efficient micro-business may be all you need to have the lifestyle you want.  Know what you want by starting your business.

MYTH #9 I should work doing what I love.

  • Yes, love your work. But just because you love making jewelry doesn’t mean that this is the right business for you. This is critical – it’s important to love what you do AND it makes business sense!

MYTH #10 It’s too hard.

  • Owning a business takes dedication, persistence and lots of work. But with the right support and planning, it can be greatly rewarding.  Financial Freedom anyone?

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