18 JULY 2019

Your business isn’t making money as fast as you think it should.

You’re having trouble finding clients.

Both are breeding grounds for frustration and discouragement, which can be deadly enemies of success.

In fact, many entrepreneurs give up before they reap the rewards from their efforts. The reality is, however, everyone goes through discouragement from time to time, especially as a start up. How you get through it is what will determine your success.

So how do you overcome frustration?


Here are five strategies you can try:

1. Step Back

Taking a break will enable you to look at the situation with a clear head. This will make you less attached to the outcome you want so badly.  It will probably also help you see things about your situation, or your business, you couldn't have seen before as you were too close.  In other words, you couldn’t see the forest for the trees. 

How do you detach? One method is to get some exercise every day, particularly outdoors. Often times this is great for getting your mind off the situation. Also consider taking up a sport or creative activity you’ve always wanted to do. When you're playing tennis or photographing nature, you're giving your mind a rest from the frustration. 

Taking breaks on a consistent basis helps revitalize you, too, often times preventing frustration from building too much. If you go full throttle from morning to night, you won't be able to look at your business with a clear head.

2. Think Positively

Stop imagining the worst-case scenario. Instead, focus on the result you want. Keeping your vision even when you don’t see progress is one of the most critical elements to achieving your goal. 

Remember, our imagination about the future is all a story we tell ourselves; so why not make the story a good one rather than a negative one.  And remember to repeat it over and over as if it has already happened.  Let the universe guide the way.

3. Stay Focused

Try not to set too many different goals at once. Instead, have one main goal you work towards, and don’t stop until you’ve achieved it.

Trying to achieve too many things at once is a sure formula for discouragement because you will spread your focus and your energy thin. When nothing gets your full energy and attention, your chance of success in any one thing decreases.  Multi-tasking also robs us of productivity so focus on one thing at a time, one hour at a time. 

4. Be Accountable

Having a coach specializing in specifically what you do is a very powerful way to help you push through the hard times and to make the full transformation. Also, being surrounded by other people achieving results will also help motivate you to push through the hard times and to see your own breakthrough.

5. Set a Different Plan

At some point, you might have to accept that your goal is a good one, but the method of getting there isn’t. At this point, try going in a different direction. Talk with your coach about it; get a different perspective.

Perseverance doesn’t mean just blindly following a strategy. Sometimes discouragement is a sign your plan isn’t working, and you need a new course. The bottom line is frustration is inevitable from time to time. However, don't give in to it. Instead, implement these five tips, and you will be able to push through the discouraging times. 

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