BLOG_2019_04_04_LEND A HAND


4 APRIL 2019

Everyone feels blue once in a while. Hitting a low spot every now and again is part of being human.

But there is a secret for turning your mood around when you feel down, and it doesn’t involve a pint of ice cream. What is this special secret? Lend a helping hand.

Nothing cures the blues like taking our eyes off ourselves and reaching out to help another.

When you serve others—and help lighten their loads—you make a difference. And knowing you’ve made an impact in someone else’s life is sure to give you a feeling of accomplishment, contribution and meaning.   I have personal experience with this: after my divorce I made a purposeful effort to contribute to my profession, my community and to the youth through volunteering my services.  It totally helped me to find more purpose and fulfillment.

So next time things aren’t going your way and you are feeling down, try taking your eyes off of yourself and doing something kind for someone else. It may be as simple as paying a compliment to a stranger or holding the door for a mom with her small child. Not only will you make that person’s day… you will make your day too.

Is there someone you can think of who could use a helping hand? It could be as simple as a phone call or an invitation.

 Whose burden can YOU lighten TODAY?

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