“Decisions are the frequent fabric of our daily design.”
~ Don Yaeger

20 May 2021


As more and more people are returning to the workplace, adjustments are going to be needed. 

Adjustments may take time and may even cause you to question your sanity! Change is never easy, especially when other people are also involved. That’s why I decided to give some reminders about what you can do to help keep your life under your control

It’s also good to remember to hold space and give grace to yourself and others. We’ve all gone through a lot these last 15 months. Empathy will go a long way to help you cope and to build better relationships with your loved ones and your colleagues.

Taking the LEAP with you!


Cultivating Serenity in the Workplace and Beyond

The Serenity Prayer reminds us that the key to serenity is:

Accepting what you cannot change, changing what you can, and possessing the wisdom to know the difference.

The prayer is a good intention, but how do you tell the difference between what you can and cannot change?

Here are some things you do have control over...

1. Your actions. No one can “make” you do anything. If you’re unhappy with your behavior at work or at home, change it, make amends if necessary, chart a new course. Remember to make liberating choices, rather than those that trap or suffocate you. Be true to yourself. Note, this applies to everyone, so don’t try to change someone else’s behavior - only they can do that - stick to focusing on the change you would like to see for yourself.

2. Your words. Spoken or written, the words you choose impact your life and the lives of others. I still remember to this day something I said to my mother that made her cry when I was 17. It immediately struck home how words can wound. Choose your words carefully with family, friends, colleagues, bosses, and clients. And if you realize after the fact that your words were hurtful, quickly acknowledge it and sincerely apologize. Perhaps you can find a way to express your message in a kinder and gentler way. Try not to pass judgment but to use blameless discernment instead.

3. Your beliefs. If you believe others should take care of your needs, you are sure to remain frustrated when they don’t. Your relationships are also likely suffering. It’s okay to ask for help when needed, but if you do it before trying to help yourself first, you will likely face resistance. Remember, they may be facing day-to-day challenges just trying to take care of themselves, and your demands may seem excessive.

If you believe things must be a certain way, i.e., “your way”, you’ll surely face disappointment and again, harm your relationships.  People may tolerate it for a bit, but over time more and more will withdraw when asked to be around you or work with you. Find ways to be more flexible, and be curious as to how they might do it. You might be surprised that another way works just as well, or maybe even better to get the desired result.

4. Your values. What’s important to you is your choice. No one else should tell you what to value. Spend some time clarifying your values and then aligning your work and life with them. If your work is out of alignment with your values, you will be miserable. 

See the Challenge and Awesome Resource below to help discover your values. You might be surprised to find different values than you expected. If that’s the case, you can choose to make some changes to get back into alignment.

5. Your work. No one else can contribute to the world in the same way as you. Do whatever it takes to find your work. Each one of us has gifts to offer the world – build your confidence to “be the gift you bring”. You will find you are much happier for it.

6. Your friends. Those you associate with reflect what you think about yourself. You can choose friends who support you or those who bring you down. Scientific research has shown we become the culmination of our top five friends. So, choose your friends wisely.  Are they positive thinking or “joy killers”? Do they keep going when faced with a challenge, or do they give up at the first sign of failure? Are they kind and loving?

7. Your input. Carefully select the information you are absorbing, consciously and unconsciously. For instance, I do not watch TV or movies or read books about crime and death. It’s inviting negativity into my living room – and worse, into my head – no thank you! I prefer comedy, romance, and adventure. Laughter, love and fun trump crime and death any day!

Fill downtime from work with other activities, such as leisurely walks, gardening (weeding can be especially helpful in managing anxiety), cooking, or other creative pursuits such as coloring, writing, painting, drawing and/or crafting.

8. Your time. Though it may not always feel this way, you do choose every day how to use its 24 hours. Fill those hours with more of what you truly want, and watch your contentment rise. I always suggest you fill part of it with gratitude and meditation to increase those “happy” hormones. Happy people are less stressed, have better relationships and live longer!

9. Your battles. If you find yourself getting upset about everything, it’s best to pick and choose your battles. Otherwise, the feeling you are at constant war with others can wear you down. My suggestion is to pick your top three priorities on which to focus and let someone else worry about the other things. You may find that by giving up the need to be in control of everything, and only focusing on what is really important, you are liberated!

Try aligning your three priorities with your core values (see the Challenge below).

10. Your basic health. You can choose to exercise, sleep enough, eat healthy food, and get routine check-ups.

Recent studies have even shown we may be able to control our genetic make-up by changing our thought process – and it can only take 15 minutes per day.  Amazing right? (Let me know, if you want to know more about this.)

That’s why it’s so important you don’t forget your mental health and fitness. Treat yourself a little better; trust a little more that things will work out for you; if you need professional help don’t let pride stop you from asking.

11. Your legacy. All that you choose—your actions and words—are the gift you bring to the world. What is your legacy?


Your Core Values Exercise

1. Take 15 minutes to jot down all of your core values (download the worksheet in the Awesome Resources section below).

✔️ Use the whole 15 minutes because sometimes your deepest core values don’t rise to the surface right away.

2. Now, circle the five that resonate the most

✔️ You will note some of the core values can be merged into one category; e.g. “travel”, “fun”, ”excitement” can be merged into “adventure”.

3. Next, determine the order of importance. 

4. Now, ask yourself, “Do I live by these core values?" "Do I need to make changes?"

Core Values Exercise

Click here to download the worksheet you can use to undertake the Challenge.

For maximum focus, I recommend you print it out and step away from your computer.


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